Learning how to take pictures & video

Camera 101

Things to know

What is Shutter Speed & Aperture and why are they important! 

In order to take great photos and video! You have to know the relationship between shutter and Aperture. 


Low shutter speed = blur images

Higher Shutter Speed = clearer images ( Use this when taking videos or pictures of people moving.

What is ISO


When is ISO good and when is it bad?

When you have high ISO you get noise, this ruins the image ( you don't want this)

When is ISO good,

ISO is good when it is used at 800, anything higher than that ruins the image ( Iso image also depends on which camera you are using)

Where to start?

Put the camera on Manuel ( M)

Adjust your settings, Shutter speed / Aperture.

I mostly put the ISO on auto.

Shooting profile,

Natural is always the best profile to take photos in

Free editing software


What I use



My phone 

What is white balance? ( WB)

it makes you pictures look Cold ( Blue) Warm (orange) 


Places to learn more about video and photos


How to take the best pictures & videos? What kind of things do you want photograph or video?

Learn about framing / rules of 3 thirds  ( If you learn this, you will be all set)

Please watch this video on composition- Peter McKinnon has a lot of great tips his also funny.


Framing 101 video link



People ( portrait)


Nature ( Landscape)


Sports ( Things in motion)


Night Photography ( Stars / sky)


I will be adding more tips please just ask me via social media or email vinnymwano@yahoo.com