Our passion for storytelling and movement pushes us to capture the environment around us like never seen before. Living in and interacting with people of different cultures has allowed us to diversify our thinking and strategies when creating films, dances, engaging projects, and the variety of work we do for companies and NGOs. We aim to educate and challenge companies to think outside of their own understanding of how people interact with their brands and services in order to empower them to be global, impactful and relevant. 


Apple " Human Family"

In August of 2016, Apple Inc. collaborated with Vinny Mwano featured him in their Human Family Commercial. Watch the video until the end, you will see Vinny's million-dollar-smile.


BEN / the importance of missing a shot.


BEN / the importance of missing a shot.


As an athlete it's important to make mistakes, we learn from those mistakes in hopes of getting better. This was a great collobration to be part of. 

Uwimana Design

Spring Fashion Editorial

To see the full fashion editorial click this link

Intralux Construction Inc.

3 Day Restaurant Remodel, we filmed for 3 days straight as Intralux Construction remodeled a restaurant bar.   

 Clients & Collaborators