The Artist's Voice 


There is power when creative artists come together and showcase their own unique styles in their art and expression.

We put on an amazing project that gathered some of New England's talented artists in the areas of rap, dance, poetry, song, painting, photography & music (and anything else that falls under “artist”). 

The artists came together and gave live performances that were spontaneous to the general public, but not to the pre-invited guests (think “golden ticket” holders.)

The Why

Whenever an upcoming artist wants to perform in front of an audience, the artist normally has to pay venue fees or sell X amount of tickets. We wanted to give the artists a platform that allowed them to perform in front of people without having them spending any money.

We believe artistic expression should be celebrated and artists should be given opportunities to share and explore ideas and thoughts, together with the communities they live in and are inspired by.

Location : Boston Common 


Watch all the performances below