We believe that every location can turn into a creative space, a dance floor, a space for self reflection, an opportunity to serve the community, and a time of wonder.

We travel to create all of those experiences for ourselves and for others.  We promote locations and unique brands that have inspired us and made our journeys that much more valuable.

   Travel Videos Below


We had the pleasure of visiting the the land of ice and fire for a total of 10 hours. 

Photo Shoot With luke_mosele

Before we left Boston, we had a chance to collaborate with Luke Mosele, he is one of our favorite photographers, his unique editing style and eye makes his work standout and memorable. 

Boston MUSeum of fine arts

The MFA. One of the most revered museums in the world is located in one of the places we called home--Boston. Of the many Boston sites to see, this one has captured our thirst for art, history and wonder perhaps the most. 

Bahamas in 2 Days  

Truth be told, this was our honeymoon. For us, quality time together means lots of filming, staying active, reading, dancing, and enjoying nature. We relished the beauty around us in such a vibrant place. (Check out that ocean!) 

We believe our traveling time together cannot be replaced and as we reflect on our experiences through films and photography we highlight these brands and sponsors who make it possible.