3 Videos Every Business Should be Making

Questions leads to curiosity. Curiosity leads to innovation.

Companies that use videos to answer questions in a curious way, hold the attention of their targeted customers


Why video?

"By 2019, 80% of the World’s Internet Traffic Will Be Video [Cisco Study]" (Learn more here )

"Facebook Watch will overtake YouTube as the biggest video platform." (Learn more here )

"Video is The Future of Content Marketing" (Learn more here)


How Does Vinny Mwano See Video And How Is It Different Than Other Content Creators?

When we introduce ourselves to strangers, the first thing we say is hello my name is .....

After the introduction, a question or topic is brought up that relates to whatever is happening at the present moment.

From there, a conversation has started. This interaction can last 8 seconds to 3 minutes, if the conversation goes well, the two party will exchange contract information in hopes of interacting in a setting that is less time constrained.

Video for me, is an authentic conversation between viewer and brand. If you have ever been to Time Square or an outside market place in a foreign country, you have probably experienced someone trying to sell you something at every corner. The feeling of being sold to is exhausting, it comes to a point where we become desensitized, the whole experience of being at a location becomes exhausting rather than exciting and adventurous. 

In the digital world, ads are like the street vendors who approach you trying to sell you something with each click you make. Everyone knows what an ad looks and sounds like, the challenge our team tackles everyday is creatively telling engaging / compelling stories for brands in 8 seconds to 60 seconds. To get their targeted audience inspired, informed and curious to engage with their products or services.   


Effective Videos Achieves 2 Things

-Visually shows the kind of community the product or services are met for. 

-Consistent branding on all digital presence.


The 3 Videos Every Business Should be Making?

1.Product Videos (what we believe in, the problems our product or services tackles very well)

2.Testimonial Videos (success stories of people using our product or services)

3.Case Study Videos (A real life example of how our product or services solves problems)

Why these 3 videos?

People buy products or services when they see others have had success in using the same product. 


Video As The Main Marketing Funnel

The first video 15 second video is used as the introduction video (8 seconds to creatively present your product to a viewer)

The viewer is curious to know more about your product after watching the 15 seconds video.

Main website

The main website has a longer video (business video) explaining more of the product and what problems the product solves.

Testimonial Video

Videos that highlight success stories of people using the product or services to solve their problems. 

Case Study videos

How has this product or services helped transformed lives?

B2B- how has this product helped business increase sales or cut down production time?

B2C-How has this product or services helped individuals solve problems they couldn't find solutions to before?


Unique Video Formula

Every video tries to accomplish the follow 3 things




Brands tend to fail at creating curiosity in their videos.

There are few brands that successful accomplishes all 3 in their videos.

  • Apple ($184 billion)

  • Google ($141.7 billion)

  • Coca-Cola ($69.7 billion)

  • Tesla (10 billion)

How Does The 8-15 Seconds Formula Work?

First 3 seconds

Awareness (opening scene is something a viewer is familiar with, doesn't require explanation. A human being should be the first thing the viewer sees.)

The next 3 seconds

Curiosity (what is the product or services? What is the problem the product solves?)

The last 2 seconds

Loyalty (CTA with a hashtag, this hashtag is directly related to the brand, this hashtag is consistent to the brand. Lets the viewer know how they find the brands community.   


How to use your phone to create videos for your business?

Phone(Iphone 6s and Up, Google Pixel or Samsung galaxy s7 and up) A good script + composition (rule of thirds) + tripod + light = successful video.

During the workshop we used the ring light as our main light source here is the link where you can buy one for yourself, amazon is selling it for 90 dollars.

Here is a video I made that will help you get better at using your phone for video and photography https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MGMOy0g6Wc


Let's Work Together! 

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