Who Are We?

We collaborate with Brands, NGO's, and Creative Artists to give a voice to the extraordinary within the “ordinary”. 


Digital Marketer, Filmmaker, Photographer, Professional Dancer.


Educator, Filmmaker, photographer and digital marketer, Vinny Mwano originally from the Democratic of Republic of the Congo, Mwano and his family came to the United States as refugees after escaping the country’s most violent civil war. Growing up, Mwano realized that people around him did not understand him very well because of his broken English but were able to understand him through art - most notably, dance moves and visual arts. Mwano realized that human connection is born through stories and shared experiences - all of which influences his work today.

My Creative lens

Curiosity leads to questions, questions lead to innovation. Every company has something interesting to share with the world or else they wouldn't exist. Curiosity is what I look for, questions and solutions is what I film when I am working with your brand.


Certified International Holistic Health Coach, Professional Dance Teacher, Mindful Movement Creator and Teacher, Abundant Being Founder


Beth serves people through her degree in Creative Arts Therapy and Holistic Health and her own unique blend on showcasing positive product & customer relationship. The desire for a healthy lifestyle is universal, and Beth uses her expertise as an International Holistic Health Coach to help foster understanding of a brand as a healthy lifestyle choice. She also uses dance as a connection tool across cultures. Beth served communities through artistic performances and educational partnerships, including teaching dance in Norway, singing with locals in Hungarian city subways, teaching English to Romanian high schoolers, and leading community involved artistic projects in a dozen different countries.

Our passion for storytelling and movement pushes us to capture the environment around like never seen before. Living in and interacting with people of different cultures has allowed us to diversify our thinking and strategies of filming & photography. We aim to educate and challenge companies to think outside of their own understanding of how people interact with their brands in order to empower them to be global, impactful and relevant. 

We are selective and intentional with who we choose to partner with, because we do believe in the power of marketing. Marketing has global and individual impact, and we want that impact to be positive and empowering for all.

Everyone has a choice of how to use their voice, we choose to use our voice to inspire and shift perspectives in branding--perspectives where people get to experience unique positive relationships between brands and customers.