You Are Seen Project

Passionately Pursuing People's Perspectives....

because every ONE 's voice matters 

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You Are Seen Vol. 3 

After going with the more general question to start this project, we got pretty specific with our Vol 2, and as we approached this next section of seeing and hearing people, the question,  "What would you tell someone that looks different than you?" seemed to resonate with the time and season our society is in. Since we had featured women in our last Volume, Vinny decided he wanted to pose this latest one to men. This question could be taken so many ways, and indeed, some were confused by it, but, as always, those we gave a polaroid voice to, answered us with honesty and interest. We had the opportunity to travel to  New Hampshire, New York City, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania. 


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you are seen vol. 2 

As the political climate was heating up, we discussed options of questions that could add insight and a fresh dialogue to what was happening. This question stood out: "What does it mean to be a woman in America?" We wanted woman in the spotlight, to highlight their diversity of thought and person, and to give these "seen" women a moment of personal recognition. Beth was emotionally marked as was Vinny, as we participated in the women's protest  on Boston Common and met and talked with many beautiful souls. We had the opportunity to travel to  New Hampshire, New York City, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania. 

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You are seen vol. 1 

Excitement was built up for our first installment of this project. We love to bless people's day by giving them a time to shine, even if it's a brief artistic moment with a camera and two strangers. Really, that is the beauty of it. Because we're hard core believers in opening your head and heart to hear from others, we decided to do a project that would allow this to happen. We came up with the question, "If you could broadcast one message to the world what would it be?" We included both friends and strangers, and were delighted that people were so happy to be able to keep the polaroid picture we took for them, and for the "world" to see. We had the opportunity to travel to  New Hampshire,  California, New York, Massachusetts.